AR Ft. A$AP Ant, Thouxanbandfauni & Smooky Margielaa – Traffic

AR Ft. A$AP Ant, Thouxanbandfauni & Smooky Margielaa – Traffic

AR Ft. A$AP Ant, Thouxanbandfauni & Smooky Margielaa - Traffic  ar ft. a$ap ant, thouxanbandfauni & smooky margielaa - traffic AR Ft. A$AP Ant, Thouxanbandfauni & Smooky Margielaa – Traffic 1510015930 2dcb3b83dfc8be6097a7897d8e4c72d6

A$AP Ant, Thouxanbandfauni and Smooky Margielaa get together on “Traffic.”

For those who are unfamiliar with AR, he’s a force to be reckoned with. The producer is one of the young talents on Marino Infantry Records with some pretty extensive production credits.

He’s worked with A$AP Ant, Smooky Margielaa and Thouxanbandfauni on numerous occasions, being the one behind some of their most popular songs.

Today, he brings those two together along with New York City’s youngest and hottest stars, Smooky Margielaa, for his DJ Nick exclusive single, “Traffic.”

“Traffic” gets some of the hottest young talent together for an incredible posse cut. AR comes through with some spacey production with some atmospheric synths driven by the hard knocking drums.

The three rappers hop on the track with some memorable moments. Throughout the track, the three rappers go in on their drive to achieve money, fame, greatness and everything that comes with it.

Thouxanbandfauni comes through with his speedy triplet flow, bringing a gully and catchy hook to the trippy production.

Smooky Margielaa brings his high-pitched, melodic voice to the first verse, drawing a fine line between singing and rapping. A$AP Ant comes through for the second verse, delivering a solid ending to the track.

The three rappers share solid chemistry throughout the track and should definitely work on more music together in the future.

This song serves as the second we’ve received from Ant in the past few days. He dropped off his latest single, “Racks On Me” right before the weekend and he came back today on this incredible collaboration.

AR’s a close associate with A$AP Ant’s Marino Gang as well as the A$AP Mob as a whole. He’s also worked with Thouxanbandfauni on his most recent project The Ex Files.

AR’s name’s been popping up much more this past year and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop. It’ll be exciting to see what he gets up to next year.

Quotable Lyrics

I ain’t got no time to answer or pick up the phone
You ain’t talkin’ guap, you ain’t on the shit we on
And I got medusa on me, turn you to stone
Baby so bad, she turn this dick to stone

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