Demi Lovato Ft. Lil Wayne – Lonely

Demi Lovato Ft. Lil Wayne – Lonely

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Demi Lovato taps Lil Wayne for the powerful “Lonely.”

In spite of his alarming medical scare, the recent birthday boy Lil Wayne has been living it up lately, enjoying the company of his friends and family at a surprise party and working on new music with both Damian Lillard and Scott Storch.

Now, the legendary Weezy F. Baby has graced Demi Lovato’s latest album Tell Me You Love Me, standing as the only guest on the entire project.

Before going any further, it must be prefaced: Wayne does not rap on this song, so if you came here for all that, I’m sorry to break it to you.

The autotune flows heavy and Weezy closes out the track with a mournful introspection on a relationship gone sour.

What you will find here is a healthy dose of autotuned vocals from Weezy, along with a bountiful harvest’s worth of forest metaphors.

At times, it’s admittedly difficult to make out what Wayne is singing, but after years in the game, his ear for melody is still solid. Demi’s passionate voice carries the bulk of the DJ Mustard produced track, which pairs minimalist drums with airy, ambient synth pads.

Her lyrics are a testament to the pain of loss, with the simple yet effective refrain of “you leave me fuckin’ lonely” serving as the track’s anchor.

Overall, it’s a solid track, especially if you’re interested in those RnB vibes. The former Disney star sounds comfortable carrying a track, and her vocals contain an understated power that really sells the songs’ ultimate message.

Again, if you came here for a scene-stealing performance from Wayne, you might leave disappointed, but his presence adds a welcome touch of character to the ballad.

Check out Lonely now, and if you’re feeling this, you’ll probably enjoy the entirety of Tell Me You Love Me.

Quotable Lyrics

I can’t see the forest from the tree, the water from the sea
And I was starting to believe, but it’s a forest full of dreams
I smoke bars full of weed, and call it what I see
And when you leave, I hope you know you bring
The forest to his leaves, I’m fucking lonely

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