Diplo Ft. Desiigner – Suicidal

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Diplo Ft. Desiigner – Suicidal

Desiigner and Diplo are in their feelings on this one.

Diplo has hovered around the peripheries of rap culture for a minute now; while respected by various prominent rappers (including the legendary Kanye West), he’s never quite made the foray into full-on hip-hop production.

Still, his musical instincts are sound, and the producer has earned the trust of Yeezy, XXXTentacion, DRAM, Lil Yachty, Desiigner, Beyonce, and more.

Now, with his California EP on deck, a new single has surfaced in select international markets. This latest drop finds the Mississippi DJ teaming up with GOOD Music’s Desiigner for “Suicidal.”

While it’s not quite as pop friendly as that previous drop with Lil Yachty and Santigold, that’s not to say there aren’t melodic sensibilities.

Diplo’s tropical instrumental provides a lush backdrop for Desiigner’s surprisingly restrained singing voice.

While he’s certainly capable of unleashing a cacophony of noise upon us, it would appear the “Panda” rapper can dial it back when need arise.

Check out “Suicidal” now.


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