Euroz – Two Birds One Stone Album (Zip Download)

Euroz – Two Birds One Stone Album (Zip Download)

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Euroz comes through with a new album “Two Birds One Stone.”

Euroz has been quietly dropping heat over the past year, with his contributions to Still Movin’ Mondays being some of the series’ standout moments.

Today, he caps off 2017 with a new solo album, Two Birds One Stone, which showcases the dual sides of his musical persona.

Clocking in at an extensive twenty-one tracks, Two Birds is a half-rap, half R&B odyssey, with the stylistic change signified by a mid-album “tape switch.”

The production is on point throughout, from the eerie-synth work on “Here For It,” to the laid back vibes of “Zero Dark Thirty,” to the eighties-retro nostalgia of “Slide,” to the wistful “Dreaming Wide Awake.”

Stream Two Birds One Stone now, and be sure to support one of Las Vegas’ realest. If you’re looking for a highlight, any of the aforementioned tracks will serve nicely.

Don’t be scared by the long run-time; if anything, this project may very well benefit from a few sittings.

01. Elysium
02. Staying Ready
03. Hidden Truths
04. Zero Dark 30
05. Day To Day (Royals)
06. Anything Goes
07. Behold
08. Dreaming Wide Awake
09. Here On Out
10. Tape Flip
11. Channels
12. Anywhere But Here
13. Need Me Some
14. Chasing Shadows
15. Here For It
16. B.W.Y.A
17. Like It’s Love (Interlude)
18. Slide
19. Catching Up
20. Aura
21. T.F.T.T.I.

Euroz – Two Birds One Stone Album (Zip Download)

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