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Hovvdy debuts “Late,” a moody rock slow jam

Hovvdy is a duo from Austin, Texas.

They make soft, atmospheric rock of the bedroom-spun variety; Nashville songwriter Soccer Mommy recently included them on a great list of her favorite Bandcamp hidden gems.

Today, the band is debuting a new song from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, which is called Cranberry and comes out in February.

“Late” is borderline slowcore, a somber and intriguing addition to the “homemade guitar songs best experienced during zoned-out sunset drives through suburbia” canon.

According to an email from the band, the track is about “working through the kind of fear and anxiety that’s, in hindsight,

irrational” and “the circular way in which we form more thorough and thoughtful understandings of each other.”

Listen below.

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