ILOVEMAKONNEN – Don’t Be Hating On Makonnen

ILOVEMAKONNEN – Don’t Be Hating On Makonnen

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ILoveMakonnen kicks off his weekly freestyle series with “Don’t Be Hating On Makonnen”

It’s safe to say ILoveMakonnen has had a whirlwind of a year so far in 2017. From his fallout with Drake and OVO Sound to coming out as gay & releasing his Fun Summer 17 mixtape, the 28 year old singer-rapper has been in the headlines quite a bit this year, but that hasn’t stopped the ATL native from staying out the studio.

In fact, it might’ve driven him to work harder as he’s currently working on a new project at the moment which will feature the recently released single with Rae Sremmurd & Mike Will Made It called “Love.”

While there looks to be no time table for his next project, Makonnen has decided to hold us over in the meantime by rolling out a weekly freestyle series for us.

Kicking things off on Friday, the ATL artist decided to upload a new song on his soundcloud page called “Don’t Be Hating On Makonnen.”

Sticking to his regular routine of 1-take freestyles, Makonnen hops on this slow tempo produced beat and raps about all the haters stealing his sound & swag over the years, just as the title depicts.

“Can I catch that soundbite/For the last two years wonder who these niggas sound like/Now they acting like they don’t know me/I seen some pictures, niggas was looking like homies/Why are they so fake/I don’t even know why, can’t speak that name,” he raps.

Going off the dome with one-take, listen to the Makonnen’s first of many freestyles to come and let us know what you think.

In addition to this new weekly freestyle series starting, look for more music from Makonnen to be on the way with Lil Peep, who also came out as bi-sexual a couple months back.

Rumors have circulated that the two were hip-hop’s first gay couple, but that hasn’t been confirmed and might be a bit of a stretch for headlines.

Quotable Lyrics:

It aint no debatin’
When it comes to this creatin’
It seems like Makonnen the only one originatin’
The other ones just keep on imitatin’
Why they hatin’ on Makonnen

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