Joe Fox’s – What’s The Word Ft Nas

Joe Fox’s – What’s The Word Ft Nas

joe fox’s – what’s the word ft nas Joe Fox’s – What’s The Word Ft Nas joe fox nas word cover

Nas and Joe Black make a nice duo.

Joe Fox dropped “What’s The Word” in July and has now joined forces with Nas who has given the song the ultimate revamp with his quick verses for the perfect feature.

“I met Nas at a GQ magazine party with A$AP Rocky two years ago, when he was playing with Questlove,” Fox says as reported by Pitchfork. “And now here we are! Amazing to have him do a verse on one of my songs!!”

Joe is a London based artist who may ring a bell to you as he was featured on A$AP Rocky’s studio album, At. Long. Last. ASAP, on the track “Jukebox Joints” also featuring Kanye West. His mellow, jazz-style voice pays as a backdrop throughout the whole track.

As for Nas, the “If I Ruled The World” rapper hasn’t dropped any solo tracks for a minute with his last LP release being Life Is Good from 2012. He has been keeping busy behind the scenes with contributions to DJ Khaled’s Grateful and DJ Shadow’s The Mountain Has Fallen.

Just last week was the 15th anniversary of Nas’ most memorable album The Lost Tapes that really set the New York rapper on the map. In a recent interview discussing the notable birthday, Nas admits that he has music for an unannounced Lost Tapes 2 that will be released when it’s right.

“I still have the songs. They didn’t go anywhere. I just didn’t release ’em yet,” he says. “They have to be put out when they need to be put out. More important to me is my album, my real album. Lost Tapes, those are real albums too, but they’re not what I want to put out first.

A feature from Nas is good for now, but a full mixtape, EP or album will bring about a lot more love for the rapper. It might also make Lonzo Ball be reminded about what real Hip Hop is, as HNHH previously reported that Lonzo said Nas wasn’t real Hip Hop.

Check the track and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

What’s your goal / what’s the price of your soul
Perfections, and professions what a life to be hold
No texting at intersessions keep your eyes on the road
Don’t be caught in the fast lane driving slow

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