Jojin – In Tongues Ep (Zip Download)

Jojin – In Tongues Ep (Zip Download)

Jojin In Tongues Ep Zip Download 1 - Jojin - In Tongues Ep (Zip Download)

Stream the debut project from buzzing Japanese artist Joji called “In Tongues” EP.

New to the site, Joji (who’s real name is George Miller) is a fast-rising, muli-talented Japanese-born singer and producer who previously found fame on the internet thanks to his web series Filthy Frank TV and his alter-ego Pink Guy.

Over the past year or so, the man of many alias’ decided to transition himself into the music world, releasing the song “I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time” as the artist Joji in April, which went viral and currently sits with nearly 8 millions views on Youtube.

Having signed with 88Rising, the home of Rich Chigga & Keith Ape, Joji has built a strong buzz for himself over the past few months, and now he’s treating fans to his debut effort called In Tongues EP.

Laced with 6 tracks, the project, which serves as an EP, is a an elegant & captivating experiment that’s all about the vibe & feel, which addresses everyday struggles of young Americans today, including relationships, sadness, & more.

If you’re wanting bars or slick flows this isn’t it, this is all about catching the warm & intimate feeling in which Joji provides. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“This is an important piece of work to me because my emotions not only get conveyed through lyrics but with sounds and textures. To me, that’s what music is; communication.

I feel the need to communicate with the listener because when we’re on the same page, it’s a magical experience. As a naturally conflicted person, I get to show my turbulence and anger through hard hitting drums, and my melancholy through melody.”

To coincide with the EP, Joji also released a 16-minute short film in its support, which you can check out for yourself (below).

Available now on iTunes, fans can stream his debut effort now for free thanks to the good folks at Spotify. Suggest you roll up first, and enjoy the new vibes & feeling that is In Tongues from Joji.

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Download Zip Ep Here


1. “Will He”
2. “Pills”
3. “Demons”
4. “Window”
5. “Bitter Fuck”
6. “Worldstar Money (Interlude)”

Download Zip Ep Here

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