Juliander – Same Moon

Juliander – Same Moon

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One might think we were sweating Sweden on nice pop guys with soulful voice. But then it is not.

Newcomer this week is 19-year-old Stockholmski Juliander who debuts with the single Same Moon . The song is humbly nice and is about keeping a long-distance relationship.

That’s exactly what Same Moon means. We are looking at the same moon but are not together. Nice metaphor, as it’s called. The song is written by Juliander and produced by Christian Walz and Jones .

Then it should be added that maybe it’s not a song that makes you feel “wow, this stands out and feels innovative.” But then again, how many songs do it? It is nevertheless promising and feels like giving young mrs Julie Juliander a chance or two.

Juliander tells about the single here:

I started writing songs about 2 years ago. All the small and big steps I’ve taken to life, almost 20 years, have laid the foundation for this.

It feels unreal in any way, but so right! I wrote a song in my boys room to vent my feelings about a story that really touched me.

That that song is now my first single and is available to everyone’s ears, souls and hearts, feels magical. Really magical. Same Moon is my first single and I love it! This is only the beginning.

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