King Los – I Am Not A Industry Plant Ep (Zip Download)

King Los – I Am Not A Industry Plant EP (Zip Download)

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Los is back, and he’s got more music on the way.

Baltimore rapper King Los has returned with three new songs presented as the I Am Not A Industry Plant EP. “Safe Place,””Time,” and “R.A.S.” have been shared on SoundCloud as something of a prelude to another project. “New music from King Los gearing up for a mega release!!” Los writes.

The last we heard from Los was “Without Me,” which followed “The Glo,” and “Dear 2017” to make a summer packed with Los music.

It’s unclear what exactly the rapper is gearing up to, but it sounds like it could be a new album.

We haven’t heard a new LP from Los since 2015’s GodMoneyWar, so we’re definitely ready for whatever’s coming next. / “Well Los, “where you find that knowledge?” / “It found me” / On GodMoneyWar, I prophesied it before / Now I went from your TV screen to your front door,” he raps on “R.A.S.” Later, he acknowledges the break he took from rap.

“I gave my everything to n—as’ and got nothing in return / Two years of being slept on, never got my turn / Took two years off and said, “fuck it I gotta’ learn” / Sometimes I wonder why I was even fuckin’ concerned / And that’s some real ass shit.” Meanwhile, the track “Safe Place,” is one of the most R&B-influenced tracks we’ve heard from Los.

As impressive as the new tracks are, Los continues to prepare fans for what’s on the way. “Wait till you see my next move,” he writes on Instagram.

Los’ GodMoneyWar is available across streaming platforms. Listen to it here.

Download Zip Ep Here


1. R.A.S.
2. Safe Place

Download Zip Ep Here

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