LA Leakers Ft. Wale, Eric Bellinger & AD – Facetime

LA Leakers Ft. Wale, Eric Bellinger & AD – Facetime

facetime la leakers ft. wale, eric bellinger & ad - facetime LA Leakers Ft. Wale, Eric Bellinger & AD – Facetime facetime

L.A. Leakers round up Wale, Eric Bellinger, & AD for new club anthem “Facetime.”

It’s not everyday we get a new single from DJ Sourmilk & Justin Credible, together known as LA Leakers, but when we do it’s usually a monster collab that’s totally worth the wait, and that’s what we have here once again.

After linking up with O.T. Genasis, Trinidad James & Kap G for their dirty new single “Sucio” back in July, the West Coast radio hosts decide to do it all over again today, this time calling on Wale, Eric Bellinger and AD for the new single “Facetime.”

Just as the title & artwork depicts, “Facetime” is a bouncy, West Coast club anthem that finds the trio wanting their ladies to “facetime” them on their phones while in the shower dripping wet.

With Bellinger responsible for most of the record, providing both the hook and contributing to the first two verses, Wale comes in for the third verse and raps about bringing bands to the club, among other things for the ladies.

You might even notice that Eric B flips a line from 112’s hit song “We Can Do It Anywhere” at one point, crooning “we can do it in the shower, both of our bodies dripping wet,” in the same exact flow & delivery as 112.

Highlighted by its bouncy, synth-driven production by Nic Nac & catchy chorus & lyrics, “Facetime” is another strong posse cut from the LA Leakers.

No word yet as for where this will end up, but its presumably just a loose single to impact the airwaves and clubs.

Take a listen to sexy new single and let us know what you think. Who laid down the best verse? (Record available now on iTunes).

Quotable Lyrics:

I wanna see it when it’s wet, that’s tonight
Girl, you why I ain’t tripping, I brought bands tonight
Yeah, when I see her when it’s dripping
Look, look, I ain’t gon’ flex, she prolly the best
Haters out the way, Prada on her chest
Somebody wanna argue whether Wale is the best

DOWNLOAD LA Leakers Ft. Wale, Eric Bellinger & AD – Facetime


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