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Origins is a recurring new music feature in which an artist charts the influence of their latest hit single.

A familiar feeling of vulnerability oftentimes sets in after something traumatic, be it a harsh breakup or falling out between close friends. Our hearts, newly bruised and torn open, seem susceptible to damage more than never.

However, exposing one’s emotional self to the elements can happen just as often in happier circumstances. In fact, the very act of love is essentially a gesture of vulnerability, as we’re putting our well-being and dreams on the line for someone else.

LÉON, an up-and-coming Swedish pop singer who’s earned the approval of megastars like Katy Perry, captures this exact sentiment on her newest single, “I Believe In Us”.

Similar to her previous offerings, “Body” and “Surround Me”, the track finds the artist born Lotta Lindgren stripping all pretenses and readily giving in fully to her relationship in hopes of saving it.

“Cause I’ve been dreaming that you’d love me in the morning/ Love me when the morning comes,” she longs on the beguiling number.

“I’ve been dreaming that you’d love me when the fighting/ Love me when the fighting’s done/ Oh my love, don’t cry, love/ I believe in us.”

“I was going through some stuff earlier this year when I just ended my tour,” Lindgren tells Consequence of Sound. “I had a lot on my mind and my emotions were kind of all over the place.

That’s when ‘I Believe In Us’ came about. I’m always very honest in my writing, but it was almost scary to say some of the things that I’m saying in this song — even if it’s full of hope.

It’s a song that means so much to me, and now I finally get to share it with the world.” Hear it below.


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