Lieza – Eyeliner

Lieza – Eyeliner

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Sure, it’s nice to have a good debut game from an artist you did not know a few minutes ago.

Lieza is one of those people who chose to sit in his chamber and write to himself, unaware of how well she actually was.

Together with a German named Femke – whose name actually feels very German I would say. I think the last one is silent when pronounced.

So more Femk than Femk-e, but I can be wrong.

In all cases. As two partners in music, they started making music. Four songs all let go of next year (unless North Korea blows us into small pieces before of course. In that case, it may be a little delayed).

The first taste test is called Eyelinerand feels like a cinematic pop song with nice R & B scented production and beautiful space sounds.

It’s kind of epic and hot at the same time. I like anyway.


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