Lil B Ft. YG – Young Niggaz

Lil B Ft. YG – Young Niggaz

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Lil B & YG link up for a very rare collaboration.

Over the past few years, there’s been a renaissance in the West Coast. While the west has always been alive, it seems that the new wave of artists that have come out over the past five to six years have helped put California back at the forefront of hip hop.

There’s a list of people that I could name that have contributed to this but both YG and Lil B have been part of this movement.

YG helped rejuvenate west coast gangsta rap and Lil B helped popularize Bay Area’s sound, even earlier in his career.

More than that, Lil B is a cultural icon that has influenced hip hop’s sound, image, mentality and much more. Recently, the BasedGod dropped his long-awaited, critically acclaimed mixtape Black Ken. While that project was the first in a while that we got from Lil B, he returns today with “Young Niggaz” featuring YG.

“Young Niggaz” bring both California artists together. While the production was handled by the Based God himself, it’s reminiscent of his early work with both the Pack and his beginnings as a solo artist.

The production leans towards Bay Area hyphy sound rather than G-Funk. However, the two of them prove to have incredible chemistry on the track. Hopefully this leads to more work between the two artists.

In other Based God related news, the rapper took to Twitter recently to sound off on everybody that’s been jacking his swag (which realistically, is 95% of hip hop).

During his mini-Twitter rant, he said “Lil B the only rapper who doesn’t rap like the Migos or sound like future in 2017!! He is truly an original!!!”

He later continued to say “6 God trap god ugly god ski mask the slump god we all no that was inspired by “The BasedGod” the original! No lil b no culture!”

In all truthfulness, he ain’t lying. And by his latest track, he continues to prove he’s one of the most original rappers in the game.

Quotable Lyrics

All my young niggas go brazy
Catch a body under 18
Held a pistol way before 18
And the clip hold one, that’s an 18
Fuck an if and a maybe
The bitch bad, go half on a baby

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