Lil Peep – Benz Truck Pt 2

Lil Peep – Benz Truck Pt 2

Lil Peep - Benz Truck Pt 2 lil peep – benz truck pt 2 Lil Peep – Benz Truck Pt 2 rsz benz truck pt 2

A sequel to the track from Peep’s “Come Over When You’re Sober PT 1.”

Lil Peep just released his Come Over When You’re Sober PT 1 EP, and today he’s followed it up with “Benz Truck Part 2,” a sequel to the opening track on the project.

Smokeasac, the producer of the original track returns alongside Bighead. The song finds Peep exploring similar territory to much of his material.

A guitar sample soundtracks his bittersweet melodies as he looks around and the people in his life and attempts to numb his pain with drugs and material things.

“All I ever wanted was a friend / All I ever wanted was a brand new Benz truck,” he sing-raps. “Now I wonder where my friends gon’ end up / Money don’t help with the pain, where the drugs at? / Make a few racks, call the plug back /She like baby, where you going? When you coming back?”

As an artist who built his following on SoundCloud, “Benz Truck Part 2″‘s release on the platform should please his early fans.

Earlier this year, Peep spoke to Pitchfork about where his emo-influenced form of hip-hop fits in the current scheme of things.

“I have no idea,” he said. “But I know it’s going to happen and it’s going to be really fun to see where I end up and who ends up fucking with me.

No one’s ever been in this genre before, so I couldn’t really compare it to anything from the past. I’m excited to find out.”

Peep’s most recent project is available across all major streaming services. Listen to it here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Baby call me up tryna fuck
‘Cause she know I’m finna get the Benz truck
Good luck, motherfucker
I was in the cut
Getting sucked from another bitch
Pop another bean
Had to double up my cup and shit

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