Lil Skies – Lust Mp3 Download

Lil Skies – Lust Mp3 Download

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Lil Skies comes through with a heat track.

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies broke onto the scene with is hype single “Red Roses.” Since then he’s been making moves and his latest drop “Lust” proves he’s here to stick around.

The CashMoneyAp beat has a bouncy feel that hears Skies rapping about having just lust and not love for a certain someone.

Speaking of the success from “Red Roses” Skies recently told Genius that he’s “destined for this life.”

“Bruh I know I can do this shit. No funny shit. This is what I’m meant to do,” he said. “Everybody that knows me have always known me for doing music.

Even when it was like a joke, like, ‘Yeah this just the rapper kid at school.’ You feel me? They always knew. People acting like this shit’s new, like my success is new. But it’s not. I literally worked my ass off for this shit.”

Listen to the new beat and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Slide on your block Like Danny Glover
With a lethal weapon
I fucked your thot she gave me top
I guess that’s my confession

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