Ludacris – Vices

Ludacris – Vices

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Ludacris celebrates the finer points of bad behavior.

These days, Ludacris might be more likely to appear on your television screen than your playlist, what with his recurring role on Fear Factor and The Fast And The Furious film series.

Yet it would be unwise to forget that prior to getting those film ducats, Luda was a mainstay in the rap game, delivering constant bangers and dazzling with his mix of dope flows and hilarious punchlines.

Classic tracks like “Area Codes,” “Rollout,” and “Saturday” still bang to this day, and that’s only off one of his albums.

Suffice it to say, Ludacris has been putting out quality music for well over a decade, and with his latest drop, it seems like he hasn’t lost a step.

In “Vices,” Luda brings a no-holds-barred level of self-awareness to the table, reveling in his misbehavior and penchant for substance abuse.

Conceptually, the track isn’t exactly covering much in the way of new ground, but Luda has a way of keeping even the most basic premise entertaining.

“Only loyal bitch I know’s a loyal bitch named Tanqueray,” raps Ludacris, who proceeds to spit a miniature love-letter to gin.

Unlike some of the other women he’s dealt with, a bottle of Tanqueray never argues, lies, or puts up a fight, and Luda’s more than okay with that.

The second verse covers another familiar fling – Mary Jane, a “faithful ho” that Luda cherishes even more than the liquor.

Thankfully, Luda keeps the track from treading water in familiar territory, deviating from the conceit into some more general, all-purpose flexing.

It somehow feels a little bit more effective coming from a rich-ass, respected rapper-turned actor like Ludacris. While many young rappers stunt on the daily, sometimes it can feel a little formulaic.

With Luda, there’s a well-earned sense of gravitas. It’s unclear whether or not “Vices” will herald a new album from Mr. Chris Bridges, but it wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

Quotable Lyrics

Good sex will just make em holla,
Good weed will just make it better
And ease the stress in my mind,
As I continue to go get this cheddar

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