Makeout – The Good Life Album (Zip Download)

Makeout – The Good Life Album (Zip Download)

Album Review: MAKEOUT – The Good Life makeout – the good life album (zip download) Makeout – The Good Life Album (Zip Download) MAKEOUT The Good Life

In an ever changing music world, labels are no exception.

This is extremely evident by some of the newer editions of the former metalcore fueled label, RISE Records. One addition in particular is the extremely poppy, fun loving, party punk quartet MAKEOUT.

It’s hard to fully formulate how to explain this album, but frontman Sam Boxold found a way. “The record sounds like a party,” exclaims the frontman. “There are so many different influences touching it, but it doesn’t feel like anybody’s uncomfortable.

That’s the kind of party we like!” Oddly enough I can attest to these statements.

These young gentlemen sure do enjoy a party, and definitely go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a great time. What wholesome punk rockers. Now back to the music.

At first listen you may doubt the ‘punk’ in this pop punk band. Produced by the legend himself, John Feldman, it’s extremely clear the pop direction that The Good Life is taking. Look at the first single, “Crazy” for instance. AM radio filters, crazy girlfriend lyrics, Na Na Na’s.

It’s a pop band at first glance. But my friends, the fun is always hiding in the back of the room of the party. Maybe even in a separate room entirely.

The boys are punk, Feldman is punk, and boy did they figure out how to combine two worlds perfectly. You didn’t think you could throw the heaviest of gang vocals in a radio summer jam did you? How about that hidden pseudo breakdown? These little mosh gems are hidden all throughout the album.

Don’t believe me? Start at track one. “Childish”. Not only is it one of the catchiest pop punk choruses I’ve heard recently, the album starts off with a distant 1,2,3,4 count.

How much more punk rock can we get? Besides the fact that there’s a strong resemblance to the recent Goldfinger and Blink 182, a see-saw of punk and pop. But the chants.

There is nothing tougher than a gang chant of “STRAIGHT EDGE FOR LIFE”. Even if it is about how the edge has been broken. While listening you’ll realize this band is all about one thing. Fun.

They’re bringing the fun back into pop punk. Easy song structures as found in “Lisa” and “You Can’t Blame Me” and lyrically giving the finger to that one little thing that no one can escape. Growing up as heard in “Childish”, “Clockwork” and “Blast Off”. I applaud and back them fully.

A perfect blend of power house power chord choruses and delicately picked, suspension building bridges, this debut release from Massachusetts’s MAKEOUT will have you living room party-moshing at a new friend’s house the first weekend you hear it.

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