Miguel – Banana Clip Mp3 Download

Miguel – Banana Clip Mp3 Download

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In case you forgot, Miguel is still one of R&B’s most thrilling songwriters.

Just when you thought you’d solidified your year-end list, Miguel has arrived with a new album that single-handedly rearrange a lot of rankings.

War & Leisure, the singer’s highly-anticipated follow-up to 2015’s WILDHEART, is as strikingly inventive as any of is past work, and “Banana Clip” is one of many highlights on the project.

As pre-release singles like “Sky Walker” suggested, “Banana Clip,” finds Miguel approaching the more melodic side of rap while never selling his vocal abilities short.

The rhythmic hook, which works around a central gun metaphor, is complete with playful ad-libs, delivered with a carefree swagger not unlike Swae Lee.

However, Miguel never sounds like anyone but himself, and the colorful backdrop of flangey guitar and harmonic coda are something only he could pull off so effortlessly.

Quotable Lyrics:
M16 on my lap
Korean missiles in the sky
No matter where I go on the map
You got my protection
Banana clip on my love for you
Let it ring like
Yeah, I let it ring like
It’s like I’m trigger happy

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