MØRCH – High-End (feat. ORKID)

MØRCH – High-End (feat. ORKID)

mØrch – high-end (feat. orkid) MØRCH – High-End (feat. ORKID) M C3 B8rch high end

When two artists who write their names in capital letters are cut and cut to collaborate with each other.

So when the Swedish / Danish duo MØRCH now releases a single with the Swedish artist ORKID , it’s like a match made in heaven so to speak.

So many uppercase letters in one and the same heading.

The song High-End then? Yes, the Denniz Pop Awards- nominated duo offers a dark and humble R & B-poppy single, reinforced with ORKID’s voice.

It’s neatly cinematic and deliciously produced. Just like good pop music should be these days. Everything else feels like lower.

Download or stream below.



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