Nick Grant – ’96 Bulls

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Nick Grant – ’96 Bulls

Listen to Nick Grant’s new release “’96 Bulls.”

After flipping a classic Lauryn Hill sample on last month’s “Forever And Always” release, rising South Carolina spitter Nick Grant decides to come through today and share a new song called “96 Bulls,” which he’s been teasing all week long on social media.

On his 6-ring flow shit, like the “96 Bulls,” Nick shows off his effortless bars & slick wordplay, rapping about his come up in the streets, and getting money, among other things. No hook or funny business here, just straight bars for the lyrical fans to digest.

It’s unclear at the moment if this will see life on his upcoming Dreaming Out Loud project or not, but we’re all for it regardless.

Take a listen and let us know what you think! Look for the official video to drop at midnight.


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