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Night Lovell - RIP Trust night lovell – rip trust Night Lovell – RIP Trust rip trust

Night Lovell makes an anticipated return with the release of “RIP Trust.”

Apparently, trust is no more for Night Lovell. The Ottawa-born rapper puts “trust” to bed on his new record, “RIP Trust.” For those who are just now waking up to the merits of Lovell, we’ll give you some quick backstory.

Night Lovell doubles as both producer and rapper, wholly in control of his dark and ominous sound, although he’s not taking us too far deep into heavy metal or emo territory as some of his contemporaries might be (which we appreciate).

Night Lovell has forged his own path of dark trap sounds, off the back of his extremely dope Red Teenage Melody album from last summer — although he’d released music prior, this was the project to cement his cult-like following and the sound we’ve come to expect from Lovell. A sound which we’re finding is still intact on “RIP Trust.”

Lovell uses his trademark cadence to go in over metallic production, which, this time around, he only handles on a co-production level, alongside beatsmith Blank Body.

Lovell replicates the swinging of the beat with his flow, his deep voice and extra flourishes (such as the electric guitar building up and dogs barking) creating a haunting, cinematic feel to the record.

Lovell had been teasing his return to Soundcloud for some time (his last release was this loosie “Whoever U Are” in April) on socials before finally eliciting enough black heart emojis from his fanbase to release “RIP Trust.”

That being said, we’re sure he has plenty more new music in his stash, which he appears to be readying his fans for. We’re definitely excited to have Lovell’s return.

If you need some essential listening for Lovell as a newcomer to the throaty Canadian rapper, both “Boy Red” and “Contraband” were stand-outs from his last project (although the whole tape is basically un-skippable, to be real), and he’s also got a dope, underrated collab with Lil West called “Fukk!!CodeRed.” Get familiar!!

Quotable Lyrics

All my n*ggas whippin in the Honda
All around the world I move like I’ma Panorama
Can’t you tell I’ve lost my patience
I’m so new with all these changes

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