Pac Div – First Baptist

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Pac Div – First Baptist

Pac Div are back, with their first single in six years. It’s been a long time, they shouldn’t have left us.

Six years later, Pac Div have officially returned to the fold. After revealing their new album First Baptist was due for a Springtime release, the group have officially kicked things off with an eponymous, storytelling driven single.

Over a sample of The Association’s 1971 cut “Never My Love,” the trio of Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung have clearly returned with more focus than ever.

The group spoke with Complex about the origin of their latest drop, as well as their decision to awaken from a hibernation of sorts.

“In 2006 to 2011, a lot the stuff that we was rapping about and a lot of the guys we was bigging up and giving props to, they’re all poppin’ now,” explains BeYoung. “If nothing else, we know we have extraordinary taste.

We were too early in a lot of ways, but timing is right at this moment. “Before the music even mattered, we was boys—crackin’ jokes, hoopin’, goin’ over to each other’s houses.”

Themes of nostalgia and loyalty permeate this lyrical track. Stay tuned for First Baptist, the album, to drop soon.


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