Rich Chigga – Chaos

Rich Chigga – Chaos

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Chaos is a ladder.

When Rich Chigga first emerged onto the scene with his breakout single “Dat Stick,” many were confused as to what they were witnessing.

Sporting a fanny pack and a pink polo, Rich delivered baritone bars with a unique swagger, and won the hearts of many pivotal hip-hop artists.

The legendary Ghostface Killah was feeling the song so much he decided to jump on a remix. Since then, Rich Chigga has been slowly establishing himself as a legitimate up and comer, delivering sparing singles in anticipation for an inevitable mixtape.

And at only eighteen, Rich Chigga is proving that he deserves to be taken seriously, and “Chaos” is a testament to that fact.

“I’m eighteen now, and women can legally have sex with me,” says Chigga, opening the track on a light note before diving into a synth-driven instrumental.

Insofar as the production is concerned, the beat is off kilter, spring-boarding off the foundation laid by “Dat Stick.”

It’s starting to feel like Rich is developing a signature sound, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it? His methodical flow slides over the beat, painting outlandish images of teenage debauchery,

including trysts with a hippie chick who “sips outta a mason jar” and “sucks for some granola bars.” He even manages to throw in a shoutout to LaVar Ball, whose presence seems increasingly difficult to escape.

“Used to hate the camera, now your boy’s a natural,” raps Chigga, a testament to his increasing stardom.

It stands to reason that Rich is still getting down despite the fact that he can’t even legally enter a bar, but if the single cover is any indication, he’s still managing to bring the party to him.

Count me among the many fans who are eager to see what Rich can bring on a full length project, and in the mean time, enjoy the “Chaos.”

Quotable Lyrics

Then you went too far
Got these people all around me man they treat me like a star
Dressed like I don’t give a fuck but still I’m ballin’ like LaVar
Got to wait about three years until I can go to the bar

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