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Ski Mask The Slump God gets with BigHead and 12 Million for “Jaden Smith.”

Ski Mask the Slump God has been stand-out force over the past few months. His associations with XXXTENTACION and the Members Only collective still remains but he’s been branching out of his circle and working with some of the hottest rappers in the game.

Between his production choice, his quirky rap style and his versatility, it’s hard to deny the kid’s talent. While he’s been on a string of dope collaborations lately, he comes through with another.

Ski Mask connects with his long time collaborators BigHead and 12 million for a new single off of the Turn Me Up Big E 2 for “Jaden Smith.”

Aside from his abilities in the booth, Ski Mask’s energy, whether live or in the studio, is infectious. He proves that once again on “Jaden Smith.”

BigHead and 12 million provide dark and grim backdrop for Ski Mask before he comes in and demolishes the track. While the production is on a much more calmer tip, Ski Mask’s signature adlibs and flow bring the energy to another level.

BigHead and 12 Million come through with a wave of bass and stretched out chords that gives Ski Mask space to switch his flow up.

Ski Mask proves time and time again that he’s a stand-out artist among his contemporaries. At the rate he’s going right now, it’ll be exciting to see how he approaches his next project.

Ski Mask’s run over the past few months has turned him from underground sensation to a blossoming up-and-comer in the rap game.

Aside from his regular clique of collaborators, he’s been expanding past that. Famous Dex recently teased a record he has with both Ski Mask and Offset so hopefully we see that come out in the near future.

Aside from that, he’s also been in the studio with Timbaland. Hopefully we get that record in the near future.

Quotable Lyrics

Tell me like Usain Bolt run it, okay like
Eat on my dick like for Breakfast, uh
Jingle Bells all on my necklace, uh
Squeeze on my guap like some ketchup, uh

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