Tech N9ne Ft. Swisher Sleep – Fresh Out!

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Tech N9ne Ft. Swisher Sleep – Fresh Out Mp3 Download

Tech N9ne’s status as the game’s leading “worldwide chopper” remains unchallenged. Tech N9ne is fresh out of fucks.

Tapping Swisher Sleep to play the accomplice, Tech proves his worldwide chopper status isn’t marred by an expiration date.

You already know the man can rap as close to the speed of light as humanly possible, but it’s his effortless nature that separates Tech from the less rapid-tongued imposters.

Over a tense, glitchy instrumental, Tech slides through a bevvy of flows without sacrificing his lyricism. “I’ma relay the message you’re gonna decay,

if karma displays a deathbed you wanna delay,” spits Tech,” the drama today that Tech said he gonna repay, the one in the way I check it wit’ a Llama to spray!”

As far as Planet is concerned, “Fresh Out” may be the closest we come to Tech unleashed. Both he and Swisher Sleep go blow for flow, equally matched as they deliver relentless bars.

Coming in as track two, it’s clear Tech wanted to start his new project on an adrenaline fueled note.

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