The Underachievers – Packs

The Underachievers – Packs

The Underachievers - Packs the underachievers - packs The Underachievers – Packs the underachievers packs

The Underachievers drop the hazy, drug-infused loosie “Packs.”

The Underachievers remain one of the game’s most slept on secrets. The duo, made up of Flatbush rappers Issa Gold and AK The Savior, have low key been delivering consistently dope music, including the criminally underrated Renaissance album, which dropped in May 2017 amidst a sea of higher profile releases.

Now, the group have come through with a new single called “Packs,” produced by YDNA. YDNA provides the group with an eerie chime arpeggio, which creeps along over trap-infused percussion. Overall, the vibe of this jam is somewhat on the darker side, with a rugged and raw mix giving it an added layer of menace.

As far as the bars, The Underachievers are never lacking on that front. Both Issa and AK pull no punches, and Issa’s opening bars are a brash, drug-laden journey through the streets.

“Backseat, riding with the trays, rock bottom, that’ll turn that n*gga to a ghost, ain’t no love in my city, straight drugs in my city, n*ggas walk around this shit, no hope,” raps Issa.

It’s a bleak picture, but one that seems familiar to the Flatbush emcee, who is no stranger to the higher power of marijuana.

AK The Savior handles the second verse, bringing out a savage triplet flow with rapid-fire delivery. “Don’t get your people annihilated, sip the sap and my pupils be dilated, I reside in the group with the finest ladies, free my mind now I move with no limitations,” raps AK, keeping up with the pace of Issa’s opening verse.

Like fellow leader of the new school Denzel Curry, The Underachivers are able to thrive over modern production trends by doubling down on their lyrical integrity and technical prowess.

Be sure to check out Renaissance if you haven’t already, as it remains one of the year’s more underrated projects.

Quotable Lyrics

Manifested my future on daily basis
Getting stoned like Medusa, ’bout getting paper
Cop a P, then we move it, don’t tell the neighbors
Only blow OG, that potent flavor

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