Trouble Ft. The Weeknd – Come Thru

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Trouble Ft. The Weeknd – Come Thru

Trouble taps The Weeknd for anticipated “Edgewood” highlight “Come Thru.”

Trouble’s Edgewood project has arrived, and with it, a bountiful harvest of fire verses, Mike WiLL Made-It production, and OVO features.

While Drizzy collaboration “Bring It Back” has emerged as the album’s proverbial lightning rob, having an Abel feature is something of a badge of honor in these here parts.

As it happens, the piano driven “Come Thru” stands out as one of Edgewood’s immediate bangers, largely in part to the blend of contemporary trap drums with a classical piano arpeggio.

Consider yourself warned. The Weeknd’s contributions are minimal at best, with the talented singer primarily holding down the background vocals.

Fret not, Weeknd stans. Trouble is more than capable at holding it down. The rapper comes through with honest, hard hitting street poetry. “I keep guns and ganja close, I keep funds, but I don’t boast.

I know what it’s like to not have shit it ain’t a bitch I owe.” Accept this one for what it is, and don’t lament the possibilities of what may have been, should Abel have delivered a verse.

The song still bangs.


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