Vince Staples – Get The Fu*k Off My Dick

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Vince Staples – Get The Fu*k Off My Dick Mp3 Download

Vince Staples is looking to free up some space on his nether regions.

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means. Australians get to bang the latest singles while the rest of his must resort to alternative methods.

Either way, the world has officially been graced with some new Vince Staples, and it’s an undeniable banger.

Coming off the release of a sarcastic and brilliantly passive-aggressive GoFundMe page, Vince’s “Get The Fuck Off My Dick” feels like a victory lap of sorts.

While Big Fish Theory was a dope album, the deep house inspirations may have alienated some less adventurous listeners.

This latest track is the most accessible Staples track in a minute, with a dark, piano driven instrumental. Vince is in fine form, permeating the track with his unique blend of intellectual arrogance.

Hearing the talented rapper over a more straightforward arrangement is somewhat refreshing; Staples is nice with it, and his more experimental tracks don’t always showcase his technical prowess.

While the aforementioned GoFundMe campaign may have a ways to go, the lack of funding exhibits one key truth. Vince Staples isn’t going anywhere.

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