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Listen to Wasiu’s new record “Angry Black Man.”

Wasiu continue to roll out new music ahead of his upcoming MTLiens 2 project.

After hitting us with “Cigarettes & Poutines” last month, the rising Montreal rapper decides to come through today and release a powerful new song called “Angry Black Man.”

Going in over the High Klassified-produced beat, Wasiu delivers an aggressive record that finds him addressing racism & social injustices in America.

From the stereotypes he’s had to overcome to racial profiling, Wasiu spits that real in this powerfully conscious record. Here’s what he had to say about the record in the premiere…

“As a black man in North America, I constantly have to fight stereotypes. Amongst them is the ‘Angry Black Man’ one. As a kid I often found myself suppressing my feelings for fear of being labeled as an ‘angry black man’.

But growing up I realized that I had every right to not only be mad but express my anger. That’s exactly what this record is. An explosion of repressed aggression and expression.

It’s my response to that motherfucka in high school who said, “Why are you so mad, slavery and racism is over you’re just being lazy.””

There’s no word yet as for when we can expect to hear MTLiens 2, but following these two recent releases (“Cigarettes & Poutines”) it looks like it could be right around the corner. We’ll continue to keep you posted.

For now though, take a listen to “Angry Black Man” and let use now what you think. If you’re a fan, be sure to show your support on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Angry Black Man; what you mad about?
You free, nigga, better be glad ya out
Gave the chains and the whips and the massa’s house
And now you won’t play your role? Niggas acting out
They violent culture, loud, and might
WorldStar niggas ’bout to fight
So much built-in anger, I might fuck a white bitch out of spite

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