The Weeknd – Starboy Album (Zip Download)

The Weeknd – Starboy Album (Zip Download)

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After he drops some singles earlier, The Weeknd Dropped his First Studio album, “Starboy.”

At some point tonight, The Weeknd release two new singles, “Party Monster” and “I Feel It Coming,” off his upcoming album, As shown on the song’s cover artwork, “I Feel It Coming” will feature Daft Punk, the robotic duo that also contributed to the titular single, released in September.

There’s still no sign of either song, and fans might have to stick it out until the midnight hour, around the time when The Weeknd usually finds his groove.

Before the bout of new music, though, he has awoken early to share the full tracklist for Starboy, with features included.

In addition to Daft Punk, there are three more features, each of them highly intriguing. Lana Del Ray guests on “Stargirl Interlude,” Kendrick Lamar on the subsequent track — “Sidewalks,” and Future on “All I Know.”

Arriving after Beauty Behind the Madness’ “Prisoner” as well as “Low Life,” which appeared on Future’s EVOL, it’s presumed that two of the above collaborations will be killer.

The one Kendrick Lamar is the wild card. Ditching the Drake feature for something more “conscious,” “Sidewalks” just might turn out to be the album’s best track.

But first, “Party Monster” and “I Feel It Coming.”

Download The Full Mixtape Here!!

1. Download The Weeknd – Starboy (Ft. Daft Punk) MP3
2. Download The Weeknd – Party Monster MP3
3. Download The Weeknd – False Alarm MP3
4. Download The Weeknd – Reminder MP3
5. Download The Weeknd – Rockin’ MP3
6. Download The Weeknd – Secrets MP3
7. Download The Weeknd – True Colors MP3
8. Download The Weeknd – Stargirl Interlude (Ft. Lana Del Rey) MP3
9. Download The Weeknd – Sidewalks (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) MP3
10. Download The Weeknd – Six Feet Under MP3
11. Download The Weeknd – Love to Lay MP3
12. Download The Weeknd – A Lonely Night MP3
13. Download The Weeknd – Attention MP3
14. Download The Weeknd – Ordinary Life MP3
15. Download The Weeknd – Nothing Without You MP3
16. Download The Weeknd – All I Know (Ft. Future) MP3
17. Download The Weeknd – Die For You MP3
18. Download The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming (Ft. Daft Punk) MP3

Download The Full Mixtape here!!


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