Westside Gunn & MF Doom – Gorilla Monsoon

Westside Gunn & MF Doom – Gorilla Monsoon

westsideDOOM westside gunn & mf doom - gorilla monsoon Westside Gunn & MF Doom – Gorilla Monsoon westsideDOOM

The first single from the duo’s upcoming joint project.

Earlier this month, East Buffalo rapper and recent Shady signee Westside Gunn announced a new collaborative project with DOOM.

“It’s official WESTSIDEDOOM is here prod by ALCHEMIST & DARINGER this is one of the illest projects I’ve ever heard when u think ART, this is it the RAWEST, FLYEST, GRIMIEST shit you’ve ever heard IN YA LIFE wats dope than FLYGOD & DOOM 🤔 spread the gospel the day is soon comet,” he wrote on Instagram.

While the project is still without a release date, the first single has arrived. As promised, “Gorilla Monsoon” is produced by Daringer, who will share production duties across the project with Alchemist.

With the beats being covered, we should expect DOOM to be focusing on his raps, and he’s certainly present here, opening with a characteristically cerebral and multisyllabic verse.

“Jumping to a conclusion, could stunt your evolution / Like the trees, dumped into some dust, blunt fusion / Old cocktail of mine, chemicals derail time / It’s all good, as long’s he ain’t inhaling swine / Dare decline scared money makes none / Take one you should’ve flushed before the jakes come.”

While DOOM usually operates in his own universe, Westside Gunn is a exciting match for him. His rhymes are more precise and pointed compared to DOOM’s loose stream of conciousness, and his voice is a full octave higher, providing a dynamic that should remain engaging throughout a full-length project.

Westside Gunn released his Hitler On Steroids project in March. Last week, he teamed with regular rhyme partner Conway for a tribute to Bobby Heenan, professional wrestler and wrestling manager, who passed away at 72 earlier this month.

Listen to “RIP Bobby,” which features production from the WESTSIDEDOOM team of Alchemist and Daringer, here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Oh shark specialty is flow art
Smart but goin’ circles like a go-kart
Dont’ start make ’em have to finish
Just bounce like gold-diggers
Once the dough diminish
Phony, it gets this lonely at the finish
You see some deal dope, others steal hope
What reveals is of a certain feel – growth
Yellow moist mushie, banana peeled coke
At worst – could not be confused with real soap
Nope, you see disaster is intended
In the face of truth – don’t ever be offended
Overstand the past to get a grasp of the present

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