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WESTSIDEDOOM are a match made in heaven on “2Stings”

While MF DOOM fans were recently hit with the unfortunate news that the Adult Swim Missing Notebook Rhymes series would no longer continue, the future remains bright for fans of the masked one.

The man who brought us the classic Madvillainy recently teamed up with the newest Shady Records signee, Griselda founder Westside Gunn for an upcoming collaborative project called WESTSIDEDOOM.

While the name may lack in originality, the group makes up for it with an adherence to that raw, comic-book villain sound they both excel at.

The project has already delivered a single called “Gorilla Monsoon,” and the Daringer produced cut certainly set the bar high.

Luckily, the follow-single “2STINGS” lives up to the hype. This time around, frequent collaborator Alchemist comes through with a hazy, feverish instrumental, ripe with old-school sci-fi movie samples.

It’s a pretty amazing beat, especially if you’re into that gully vibe, and ya’ll know DOOM can get down over these jams. His verse is filled with signature moves, as he slides through with the relaxed cadence and hyper-vivid imagery – “master schemer, expert in that area, puffin’ Pasadena, you heard the grass was greener,” rhymes Doom, sounding like he just smoked a pound of weed before hitting the booth.

Westside Gunn tackles the second verse, bringing a bit more of a frantic energy to the party. Gunn’s verse is filled with violent street narratives, and his flow is well suited for Alc’s production.

Fans of the Griselda sound will be proud of Gunn’s contribution, as he may very well steal the show on this one. “Only met the plug twice but I get them shits every time, Met Gala I rock that heavy shine,” raps Gunn, who goes on to brag about being in his cell eating seafood.

Check out the banger now, and stay tuned for the upcoming WESTSIDEDOOM project.

Quotable Lyrics

Master schemer, expert in that area,
puffin’ Pasadena, you heard the grass was greener


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