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XXXTENTACION – Sad! Mp3 Download

XXXTentacion’s “Sad!” is one of the rapper’s more focused and accessible singles to date. XXXTentacion is a curious case.

The divisive rapper has emerged from his creative cave to unleash a pair of singles from his forthcoming project(s).

Followers might recognize this one from one of X’s various Instagram stories. The man has a wealth of fire on deck. Love him or hate him, the versatility is undeniable.

Some have speculated that X would be following in 17’s footsteps, opting for a more polished production aesthetic.

It would appear “Sad!” fits that mold. With a lo-fi synth string loop and crisp percussion, the melodic ballad showcases X’s ear for melody.

Once again, the young Floridian is veering into emo territory, at least thematically; there’s plenty of pining and lamenting to be found.

Even his cadences are reminiscent of some of the genre’s more tormented. Still, the track is a solid addition to his catalog; hopefully he can continue down this direction when Skins, Bad Vibes Forever, & ? see the light of day.

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